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Education and Training, Event Care Services, Consultation


Education and Training

It's Okay offers education and training in a number of topics related to psychedelic harm reduction:

  • Psychedelic Harm Reduction 101

  • Cultivating Sitter Skills

  • How to Run a Psychedelic Care Team at Events

Reach out if you and your community are looking for a specific training or workshop.

Event Care Services

It's Okay offers Event Psychedelic Care Services:

  • On-call Trip Sitter

  • Peer Support Team

  • Sanctuary Tent

Care services can be adapted for your event's needs.

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It's Okay offers Event Psychedelic Care Consultation:

  • Safety Considerations and Best Practices

  • How to Create a Festival Safety Team

  • Various Care Models Unique to Your Event and Community

We will work with you to create the ideal care for your community.

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